Ambassadors statement for peace

In 2004 every country* and region of the world came together to sign the historic Ambassador's Declaration of Peace.
It is the first time that all the representatives of every country in the world have committed themselves as individuals to uphold the lives of our future generations. 
Ambassadors' Declaration for Peace
”As ambassadors representing our countries for the formation of the World Peace Flame Pathway in the 'peace and justice city' of The Hague, The Netherlands, we welcome the inauguration of this important monument to peace.
We believe our coming together in this initiative forms a powerful statement that the nations of the world can unite in peace and friendship. We are convinced that peace is not only possible; it is one of the most urgent needs of our time. We affirm that every single human being has the right to peace and justice; and that at the same time peace is a responsibility we must all assume.
As human beings it is natural that we aim to provide our own children with full and satisfying lives. As citizens of the world, we affirm an additional commitment. We will also endeavor to provide full and satisfying lives for humanity's future generations.
It takes courage, faith and commitment to unite in the cause of peace. The World Peace Flame Pathway will serve to inspire individuals and nations worldwide to come together in peace, solidarity and friendship.”
* every independent country of the world, as recognized by the United Nations in 2004
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