Educational Peace Package for Schools

‘Peace in your hands’ is a project for children aged 8 to 12 which can be incorporated into various school subjects. It has been developed by the World Peace Flame Foundation and consists of a teacher’s manual and a children’s workbook.

Children want peace 

Children are able to express in public their wish for peace. That is why so many schools have enjoyed working with the World Peace Flame and incorporating peace projects into their educational programmes. In the course of doing these peace projects, children have written many essays and poems. The writings illustrate the children’s ideas on peace—for the present and for future generations.

This innovative education package equips young people with invaluable life skills, helping them to deal with life more effectively. The package supports teachers to put 'peace' on the agenda in primary schools.

Now implemented in more than 350 schools in The Netherlands, Belgium, the UK and Australia.

In many cases schools light a World Peace Flame as a focal point for peace activities while exploring the educational programme.

Neighbouring schools have even walked the Flame between nearby schools, attracting local media attention.



‘Peace in your Hands’ (PiYH) Education Pack

Making Peace fun and exciting for children and young adults.

Children learn grammar, mathematics and history in school, so why shouldn’t they also learn about peace, friendship and helping each other?

Peace in Your Hands is such a tool—a teachers’ manual for working with 8-12 year olds.

Teachers are given the tools to discuss subjects like peace, respect and friendship as well as the very difficult topic of bullying. In fact PIYH has been shown to help reduce bullying in the class room and in the playground.

What teachers say...

‘The children are very enthusiastic, they talk about it with each other and their parents at home. As a result we now include discussions about peace and respect at parents’ meetings too!’
M.W. teacher in Wageningen, NL

‘I used to feel discouraged as a teacher. PiYH takes me back to the passion I felt years ago when I first decided to become a primary school teacher.’
L.H. teacher in Breda, NL

Teachers report a more harmonious and positive atmosphere in the classroom and that children are connecting with each other and making friends more easily.

In The Netherlands, the Ministry of Education, as a result of testing Peace in Your Hands, has instructed that it should be delivered to every school with refugee children.

PiYH is also being used:

* in rehabilitation programmes for child soldiers in Rwanda
* by ‘Women for Peace’ who have taken it into Syria.

Peace in Your Hands is being used in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Australia, India, Kenya, Argentina, Nepal and Rwanda. Germany, Spain, Portugal and Canada will begin working with it soon.

By the end of autumn term 2016, approximately 46,000 children will have worked with this programme.

Our aim is to promote a fun and natural attitude towards peace. Peace can be achieved by recognising and stimulating the positive within yourself and in others.

World events are caused by people; therefore peace can only be created by people. Children should have the opportunity to learn that everyone can make a positive difference in the world—no matter what your age!

The PIYH Education Pack:

* supports a safe, peaceful learning environment in schools
* promotes citizenship social skills
* builds skills in dealing with cultural diversity
* offers practical ways to facilitate discussion of societal topics

What’s next? At the time of writing, a small team of Educators in The Netherlands are conducting research on the PiYH Education Pack.

The PiYH programme for secondary schools is being developed and will be available soon!


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