World Peace Flame monument in North Wales


Imagine an eternally burning World Peace Flame in your community, acting as a catalyst to bring people together and build peace.

Wherever it has been installed in a monument, the World Peace Flame has become a meeting point for its neighbourhood.

The first World Peace Flame monument in The Hague, Netherlands, is viewed by an estimated 100,000 people per year.

People use the presence of a World Peace Flame monument as a focus for peace in many ways. Some simply come and sit by the monument for personal peace or inspiration. Friends meet by the monuments when they want inspiring conversation. Schools help in their upkeep and use them as a focal point for peace-building activities. Community groups use them as a meeting point.

The World Peace Flame is a symbol that everybody can relate to, serving as a unifying factor, bringing communities together throughout the world.

It represents what is common to all people and upholds our human need for a unified, peaceful world where people work together for the good of all.

If you make plans for a WPF in your community, please contact the WPF Foundations for our terms and conditions.



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