Benefit Concert for India


Imagine 1,000 people joining together to celebrate and create joy.

Imagine each person contributing £10 to support the provision of aid.

We can raise £10,000 or more for essential aid.


On 31st July 2021, we invite YOU to join with friends from all around the world for a Benefit Concert for India.

Hosted by The World Peace Flame Foundation to celebrate 22 years of giving hope for the future.

This year we are supporting some of those who have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

This online concert will feature top international musicians including Nimo Patel, Sacred Earth and Terry Clarke-Coyne, as well as our own Radhika Patel, Nils Wedtke and more.


The Benefit Concert for India is free and open to everyone around the world.

Join us live online or watch the replay at a time that suits you.

Register here →

Donations will go directly from the World Peace Flame Foundation (registered UK charity) to families in Gujarat—providing essential needs for survival.

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Starting times around the world

New York: 6.30am

London: 11.30am

Amsterdam: 12.30pm

Nairobi: 1.30pm

Delhi: 4.30pm

Perth: 6:30pm

Sydney: 8:30pm

Auckland: 10:30pm



What you can do

  • Register for the Concert here →
  • Make a Donation here →
  • Host the concert at home and invite a few people to watch and celebrate with you.
  • Forward this page to friends, family and colleagues inviting them to join.
  • Share the event through your social media groups and networks.
  • Post your own invite using
    #worldpeaceflame and


“If you carry joy in your heart,
you can heal any moment.”

Carlos Santana