World Peace Flame in Scholes, UK

The Peace Flame in Scholes was formally opened on Saturday 15th December 2018. The flame will be lit day and night to remind us of the potential to bring peace into our lives.

choles World Peace Flame Monument was designed and constructed by Roger Mawson and Glyn Davies. It is a beautiful addition to the village, situated in the Peace Garden on Main Street opposite Saint Phillips Church, Scholes Leeds 15.

This Peace Flame Monument is part of an international movement to encourage Peace, “it’s ambition, is for one flame to unite people worldwide.”

The Peace Flame in Scholes is a way for all of us to nurture the future of peace for our children and grandchildren. The Flame is a secular symbol of peace so that it includes everybody regardless of religion or faith. There is an educational project that sits alongside the flame and the children in the primary school have been writing their ideas of peace on labels. Peace means different things to each of us and respecting this is the start of peace.

The Flame is the start of an ongoing project in which we hope to make the area into a peaceful place where people can come and sit and reflect on peace. Future Fund raising and events are being organised.
The working group has met monthly since January 2018 and comprises members from a range of organisations in the village. Members are Stella Walsh, PC; Roger Mawson, Scholes Show; Michael Holliday, Elderberries; Maurice Walker, Scholes Community Care; Les Goddard and Jackie Goddard, British Legion; Alan Stanley, St Phillips; Ian Hay, Scholes in Bloom; Andrea Langstaff, Scholes Methodist and WI, Janet Horkan, residents, Glyn Davies Barwick. If you want to get involved please ask one of the above members for more information.

Donations for the upkeep and maintenance of the Peace Flame are welcome as is sponsorship. If you would like to give a donation or sponsor the Peace Flame then get in touch with Stella Walsh

Peace Poem Read by Daniel Bliss Scholes Scouts at the opening of Scholes World Peace Flame, 15th December 2018
Peace by Ellie Friedman

Peace is a flower,
Peace is a bird.
Peace is the sun,
Peace is the moon.
Peace is you,
Peace is me.
Peace is what we want!