Virtual Peace Walk Around the World

"A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step” Mahatma Gandhi

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Inspiring Future Generations

"Nothing we do changes the past, but everything we do now creates the future - the future of our children"

World Peace Flame lanterns in Japan.

A Global Vision and a Powerful Mission

Ask yourself what it would be like if every man, woman and child in every nation and continent on earth, from every religion and creed, could be united in peace. Our vision is both simple and ambitious, one flame uniting people worldwide.

Spreading peace

The purpose of The World Peace Flame is to achieve peace through educational projects and practically supporting grassroots peace initiatives.

Joining Hiroshima flame
WPF joining with fire which has been kept burning in Hiroshima

Peace Education in Action

A legacy of peace begins with children, which is why we have developed the Peace Education Package which is being offered to schools for free.

Peace education in action

The key to lasting peace - Education

More than 80,000 children in nearly 1000 schools across 5 continents are now using the Peace Education Package. This is helping them to see and celebrate the diversity they see around them and encourages them to embrace the underlying unity behind what they see.

Humanitarian Projects

We run humanitarian projects in India which aim to empower people at all levels from medical camps to youth education programmes and with food distribution and clothing.

Free Medical Camps

Doctors and Consultants give their time and expertise to help impoverished people in villages and tribal areas where we arrange the Free Medical Camps.

About 30,000 patients have received free medical care in impoverished communities in Gujarat, India.

Our volunteers serve people irrespective of creed and religion. We also support with donations of dentistry and medical supplies.

Education Projects

Many children in impoverished countries do not have what they need to go to school so they don’t get an education.

We’ve distributed over 14,000 education kits (pens, paper, books etc.) and also school uniforms, so that more children can go to school.

Plus, we’ve covered the cost of education fees for over 200 children and nurses.

Education Projects

Free Eye Clinics

Since the first medical camp started in 2005 we have provided well over 2000 cataract operations and 7000 pairs of free spectacles.

Each cataract operation costs a donor only €30.

“To see the joy in someone’s face when the bandages are removed from their eyes and they can see again is the most wonderful experience you could have.”
Thakor Patel

Free Eye Camps

How to Get Involved


Donate a one-off amount toward one WPF project or tithe a regular amount to the trusts global activities.

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Peace Education

Begin to use the Peace In Your Hands Education Package in your local school.

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Create your own fundraising peace projects in your area.

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Peace Meditation

Take time out for yourself, and begin to see the world around you benefitting

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Inspirational Stories

All over the world people are coming together to celebrate, raise awareness and make a difference.

2020 Virtual Walk for Peace has now completed

” Each and every one of us is co-responsible for the Earth’s future and all that lives. A beautiful responsibility, where love can be your motivation and your compass.” Princess Irene of the Netherlands Quote from her personal message to the walk. Please scroll down to the 2nd Stop: The Netherlands for the full message.…

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World Peace Pathway Visit

June 14th 2019 – Kingsley Hall, London. Children of all ages and backgrounds came together to meet the visiting ‘Jai Jagat’ kids from the Manav Sadhana Project, Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram, Ahmedabad, India. For them it was a once in a lifetime trip and for the two London schools kids, an opportunity to join these beautiful…

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WPF news from Leeds

Earlier this year 5 primary schools took part in the Garforth Peace Art Project. The children were invited to offer out the hand of peace and friendship from each school and present what peace means to them and what they can do for peace. Our future is in wonderful hands it seems. Between them they…

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Story of how the World Peace Flame was created

In July 1999 seven live flames, lit on five different continents, were flown to the UK where they were united into one flame: The World Peace Flame. We aim to inspire people everywhere that the individual plays a crucial role in creating peace at every level.

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WPF candle lit by peace activist in Iran

The World Peace Flame candle was lit by peace activist who is a victim of landmines (double hand amputation and blind). He is now teaching computers to those veterans who have lost their eye in the war.

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Communities come together to lighting up lives

It all starts with a dream! Working together to manifest a WPF monument is an act of peace in itself. The team of friends from Venlo, NL succeeded and this catalysed inter cultural community programmes in their city.

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World Peace Flame initiatives around the world...

Communities coming together

Communities coming together

Towns across the world are fundraising and then designing WPF monuments, to become the focus of community peace projects.

Finding new purpose in giving

Finding new purpose in giving

Despite the negativity in the news, people are finding new hope and purpose when they contribute to other people’s lives through peace initiatives.



Detraumatisation programs are running in various communities supporting refugees, victims of war and those with social trauma.

Parents and school teachers

Parents and school teachers

Parents all over the world are approaching schools to request values-based peace education for their children.

Creating forums for peace

Creating forums for peace

Peace forums are for people with a passion who want to find positive solutions for bringing about peace locally and globally.

Online peace course

Online peace course

This course is for you... Bring a greater peace to your own self, your relationships and family and into this beautiful world we live in.