WPF candle lit by peace activist in Iran

The World Peace Flame candle was lit by peace activist who is a victim of landmines (double hand amputation and blind). He is now teaching computers to those veterans who have lost their eye in the war.

During the visit of the FOR (Fellowship of Reconciliation) delegation to our exhibition, in a special ceremony he lit a big candle with the WPF candle. The new candle was placed in the Peace exhibition to light more candles in the future and the rest of the original candle was carried to the US by the delegates to light more candles there.

The ceremony was extremely exciting when Mohsen lit the candle with his amputated arm and I helped him as he was not able to see the candle. In a short speech he stated that although he can not see anything as the legacy of the war, he lights this candle with hope that peace will prevail on earth and may the flame of friendship remain lit forever…