” Each and everyone of us is co-responsible for the Earth’s future and all that lives. A beautiful responsibility, where love can be your motivation and your compass.”
Princess Irene of the Netherlands
Quote from her personal message to the walk.  Please scroll down to the 2nd stop The Netherlands for the full message.

“Peace cannot be delegated! It begins with you and me, and the choices we make today.”

Savitri MacCuish Director, World Peace Flame Foundation

November 23rd: we’ve walked 13,660 virtual miles

(that’s about 45,269 geographical miles!)

How it all began…

On September 21st we embarked on a Virtual Walk around the World.

We are visiting World Peace Flame Monuments throughout the world collecting footprints for peace along the way.

The intention is to combine our desire for peace, through our footprints, with a dedicated action.

You can view all footprints here:

Gallery 1

West Lodge

The virtual walk launched at West Lodge School in London. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch the launch video and find out how you can join in.

Follow the Virtual Walk

21 Sep – Week 1  London

28 Sep – Week 2  The Netherlands

5 Oct – Week 3   Other European countries

12 Oct – Week 4  Kenya

19 Oct – Week 5  The Middle East + India

26 Oct – Week 6  India continued

2 Nov – Week 7  Australia

9 Nov – Week 8  Australia + Antarctica

16 Nov – Week 9  South America

23 Nov – Week 10  North America & Canada

30 Nov – Week 11  Scotland, Garforth and Scholes

7 Dec – Week 12  N. Wales

14 Dec – Week 13  London

Fundraising – Our Aim and Ways You Can Help

Our aim is to get the “Peace in Your Hands” Education Project for Children of Primary School Age translated into as many languages as possible and to distribute it to children & teachers all around the world. Also to have the web materials translated and available to download. Sections are already available in many languages including Arabic, Catalan, Dutch, Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian & Welsh. We want to make these resources available, with your help, into many more languages including German, Turkish and Gujarati, to name a few.

If you would like to make a donation to help, please go to


Join our Community of Global Peace Making Schools

Partner with schools around the world

Participate in purposeful peace projects

Share each others peace initiatives

Please contact: sahmad@westlodge.harrow.sch.uk

Shahn Ahmad

Yoga and Maths Teacher, West Lodge Primary School, London and World Peace Flame Ambassador, London


The Journey of  Footsteps for Peace

10th stop

After a lovely time in Argentina we walked northwards 9669 geographical km to arrive in North America and a further 1120 miles (1803 km) on to Montreal, Canada.

Here we were welcomed by Alka Datt.
Alka worked in the academic sector in India for many years – most recently as an Academic Consultant.  She has now moved to Montreal, where she is doing some voluntary work for the WPF amongst other things.


Our peacemaker this week is Martin Luther King Jr. Here is a wonderful message of ongoing peace from the National Civil Rights Museum President, Terri Lee Freeman, where she salutes the World Peace Flame Foundation in front of the museum’s installation of the flame. The museum is a stop during the North America-Canada leg of the walk during Week 10 (November 23, 2020).

The museum is built on the site of the old Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. The place where Dr.Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated on April 4th 1968.

You can read more about the National Civil Rights Museum here.

Arriving in Colorado Springs we were made welcome with this delightful message from Deb and Ron Houseman.  They were there in 1999 for the lighting of the WPF on Pike’s Peak.

If you can’t quite hear it, this is what they said:

RON:     Hello – Welcome to Colorado Springs, the garden of the Gods!! Just over there, above our shoulders, is Pike’s Peak.  In 1999 we walked to the top of Pike’s Peak – it’s a nice little 14 mile hike – and lit the WPF representing North America on top of its summit.

DEB:      It’s a little over 14,000 feet so the air is rare! So come and visit us here in Colorado Springs.  And we welcome you.

This week’s Peacemaker:

“The time is always right to do what is right.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Download here:

Peacemaker Week 10


Week 10  – Peace Activity & Fun Facts

Download here:

Peace activity Week 10

Fun fact Week 10

On the way from south to north we had a little stop off to engage with the beautifully peaceful country of Costa Rica and learnt a few peaceful things:

Download here:

Fun fact Coast Rica

9th stop

What an amazing welcome at our first stop in South America – and what a trip that has been all the way from the South Pole.

See this beautiful video from the children of Ysgol yr Hendre in the large town of Trelew in Chubut, Argentina. The children here are taught Welsh, Spanish and English and you will hear all three languages in the video:

Silvia Almeyra, head teacher, and a wonderful team of teachers came together to collaborate on this project.

Luciano Rivera , English teacher, has this to share:

“I started working at this school last year as a substitute teacher, and felt so welcome, I felt like I had found a beautiful place to grow, both as a professional and an individual. When the project was brought up to us, I worked with 6th grade on making a single footprint with everyone’s wishes in one sentence, and the students showed a great deal of enthusiasm. That sentence truly ecompasses their own minds working as one.”

Here are all the pupils fantastic Footprints- click on the link to view:

Ysgol Yr Hendre

This week’s Peacemaker:

Download here:

Peacemaker Week 9

Week 9  – Peace Activity & Fun Facts

Download here:

Peace activity Peace interview

Fun fact Week 9

8th stop

From the warmth of Australia we  crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed in Brrrrrrrrr….Antarctica. We are visiting Tess in the South Pole.

Tess Burrows is from the Climb for Tibet team which has carried the WPF to the far six corners of the planet. Watch Tess’s welcome video here with Buntu the penguin, an ambassador of peace for the Antarctic:


Here is Buntu’s waddling footprints for peace wish and personal pledge:


What does this mean Buntu?

”I will waddle for Peace.”

And what is your wish for peace Buntu?

”May all beings on our beautiful planet know our interconnectedness and walk the path of peace together.”


What else is happening over at the South Pole?

Hannah McKeand – ALE Remote Camps Manager:

”World Peace candles have been burning at the South Pole every day since the beginning of the year. We lit them at midnight on New Years Eve, with a little announcement to the party dedicating them to world peace.

It has still been too windy to get them lit on the ceremonial pole, but I am on a mission to get that picture. In the meantime here they are on our dinner table.”


This week’s Peacemaker

Download here:

Peacemaker Week 8

Week 8  – Peace Activity & Fun Facts

Download here:


7th stop


Wow!! So we arrived in this wonderful continent during the spring season, having now walked halfway across the world.

Please see this wonderful welcome video from Patricia Brown, Managing Director of Dru Australia. This is an ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ and pays respect to the First Nations People.

Here is an interview with Patricia about the history of the World Peace Flame and it’s origins in Australia:

We’d like to introduce you to our local peacemaker here in Brisbane – Lucas Patchett from Orange Sky – watch and listen to all the amazing work that he dreamed up and now champions. Interview with Angela Baker from the Senior Dru Team:

Watch how it all began, supporting the homeless on the streets of Brisbane:

Final interview with Lucas and his ideas to inspire others:

Watch and hear these very inspirational thoughts on what peace means to these primary students of Springdale Heights Public School in Lavington, New South Wales.


This week’s peacemaker:

Download week 7’s Peacemaker here:

Week 7 – Peace Activity and Fun Facts

Download here:

Join Angela for this weeks Peace Activities:


6th stop

We are now in our sixth week and have arrived at Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The children there have so much to share with us all.

Before we look at the children’s contributions, please take a moment to read the words of peace we have received which much heartfelt gratitude from HRH Princess Irene of the Netherlands – A Personal Message to the World Peace Flame Walk.


Download here: Message from the princess

Back to the ashram…

This is Khushbu (9th grade). The translation of what she is saying is these beautiful words:

”I’d like to share how prayer helps me find peace within. It guides pure thoughts and therefore pure actions. Furthermore, we should unite and see the world as one family … one race without discrimination.”

This is Janki(9th grade), Her lovely words translate as:

”I feel that reading inspiring books can increase awareness to being open minded. There should be more libraries, so people can read to improve knowledge about what is right and what is wrong. With this increased knowledge, their thoughts can be purified and benefit the world and environment.”


Ramilla is a member of the Manav Sadhna program based at Gandhi’s Ashram:
”Peace begins with being the change within. By way of prayer and meditation I can make small changes in myself to be a better person… to have more compassion. If I’m at peace, it can also be a mirror for others to find the peace.”
Watch Ramilla’s message of peace:


Here is a picture drawn for the walk, showing the world being held in peace.


Watch this scene at the Ashram that gives us a feeling of the atmosphere with the residential dogs and the monkeys.

The children made this wonderful video of hands, depicting violence initially and how it can change so easily to peace.

This week’s peacemaker

Download week 6’s Peacemaker here:

Week 6 Peace Activity and Fun Facts

Download Peace Activity and Fun Facts here:



5th stop


Another ambitious leg of our walk this week – through the Middle East and onwards to India.

Please see this message from Delhi, India. Avantika is the headmistress at Rishikuhl World Academy. The school is very committed to promoting the message of peace. During the pandemic children are not attending school at the moment in India.

Watch this interview with Thakor Patel (Director Dru India) about the work in India’s medical camps:

This is a message from our 5th Peacemaker, Nimo Patel.
This was filmed in Colorado where Nimo is short-term based before he can return to India.

This is Arar Academy School in Irbid, Jordan, with children from Jordan, Syria and Palestine.

Irbid is a sister city with Wageningen in the Netherlands:  exchange project with School de Bijenkorf in Wageningen.


Here is a photo of them doing their Dance for Peace.

And a couple of their footprints:


Peacemaker: Nimo Patel

Download week 5’s Peacemaker here:

Week 5 Peace Activity and Fun Facts

Download Peace Activity and Fun Facts here:



4th stop


So we arrived in Kenya and here is a wonderful and insightful talk from Peter Legge:

Paul Krystall is an inspirational Dru Yoga Teacher based in Watamu, Kenya. He is passionate about the World Peace Flame and spreading its light in Africa. AMANI means peace in Kenya. Watch his video here:


Download Africa’s Peacemaker here:

Africa Peace Activity Week 4 and Fun Facts

Download here:


3rd stop


Our final European stop was Italy and here is Maddy to greet us:

So many footprints from a school in Antwerp, Belgium – filling the whole school corridors!



We arrived in France and here the word for Peace is PAIX.


The World Peace Flame team in Vlissingen.

This film was made at the monument in Vlissingen.
They went there by foot and ferry and took the WPF lantern from the WPF monument in Cadzand. The team say:

”It was very raining but we had a great time. We had 40 sets of footprints so that adds 400 km to the total walked. The people on the movie are from the community of Vlissingen. Greetings from Cadzand.”

The Monument in Enschede

Greetings from Germany and their 440 km

Well done!

Walking in Turkey

Children in Romania drawing their footprints

Download Peacemaker here:

Peacemaker Europe

Europe Peace Activity Week 3 and Fun Facts

Peace Activity Europe

Fun fact Europe





2nd stop

Please take a moment to read the words of peace we have received which much heartfelt gratitude from HRH Princess Irene of the Netherlands – A Personal Message to the World Peace Flame Walk.


Download here: Message from the princess

See the welcome message from the Dutch team:

Watch this wonderful video from the children of Al Ummah school in Enschede a city in the eastern Netherlands .

Feel the warmth of the peace flame on your back as you admire the most photographed building in The Hague: the Peace Palace. It is the seat of the International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. This beautiful Neo-Renaissance style building and the organisations it houses have given The Hague worldwide recognition as the international city of Peace and Justice.

The Eternal Peace Flame burns beside the entrance to the Peace Palace. The first peace flame in the Netherlands was placed beside the entrance gates to the Peace Palace on 18 April 2002. The monument bears the inscription: “May all beings find peace”.

HRH Princess Irene of The Netherlands lit the World Peace Flame for Europe.

Read the Biog here:

Download here:


See the children walking around their footprints trail at the Peace Palace Monument in Cadzand:

A small selection of footprints from the children of Enschede


The Netherlands Peace Activity Week 2 and The Hague Fun Facts

1st Stop



The World Peace Pathway at Kingsley Hall

The Peace Pathway arose from the desire of people from many
different faith and cultural traditions to create an artistic focus for
peace within London. It is here for all to enjoy and expresses our
universal yearning for peace and harmony.

Soil, sand or stones from every country in the world have been
placed under the Path. Much of this has come from places of special
significance, including Mecca, Mount Arafat, Assisi, Vrindavan,
Jerusalem, Machu Picchu and Antarctica. Under the whole structure,
there is sand from Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram in Ahmedabad, India.

Watch the children from India visiting Kingsley Hall.

London’s Peace Activity, London Fun Facts and Peacemakers

View the video of the children from India praying for World Peace at Kingsley Hall:


Join The Walk

You can join the walk at any stage as it progresses. Just download a set of footprints from the gallery below.

  1. Download and print the Footprint or Handprint Template
  2. In one foot please write your wish for peace
  3. In the other foot please write what you are personally going to do to help make that wish come true

Uploading your photographs

Multiple images can be uploaded,and you can create a gallery naming your folder by school

  • To upload your photos to Google Photos, follow this link and create an account – then email us the link so we can add to this page

Footprint Gallery


Email a J-peg of them and we will add them to the online gallery.

Your submitted set of footprints will count as 10 miles (or 16 km) towards the 25,000 whether you actually walk the miles or not.

Our Aim and How You Can Help

Our aim is to get the “Peace in Your Hands” Education Project for Children of Primary School Age translated into as many languages as possible and to distribute it to children all around the world.

If you would like to make a donation to help, please go to


For a free download of the teacher’s manual and children’s workbook please go to:


If you would like it in a different language, please contact us at info@worldpeaceflame.co.uk

It is already available in several languages.

If you have any other questions, please email to:

We are looking forward to receiving your footprints. Please invite as many friends as possible to join you.

Download the poster to share with friends and schools:

The Gallery

Your footprints are pouring in. The Gallery is constantly growing and we are continuously updating it. Take a look here:

Gallery 1

West Lodge


Watch the launch video:


“A Journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”
Mahatma Gandhi

A Virtual Journey of 25,000 miles begins with a single Footprint for Peace! Here is some inspiration from the children at Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram in India.

This is the google photo link to all of the beautiful footprints done by these Indian children at Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, a place we will also visit.