Solan Public School, Himachal Pradesh, India

On 2nd Oct 2022, SPS was the first school in India to inaugurate a solar-powered World Peacd Flame monument on site. The monument is a beautiful piece of art made of white indigenous marble, symbolising purity and peace. It stands at the entrance of the school, inspiring everyone who walks onto the green campus. The flame glows round the clock, powered by the renewable solar energy – reflecting the school’s ethos of teaching and practising sustainability.

The students were told about the mission of the Flame and they displayed exceptional interest in being ambassadors for world peace.
The teachers and students are actively engaged in various peace curriculum activities. These include working with the WPF education pack, creating footprints for peace, practising yoga, planting trees, lighting candles, taking part in peace walks and participating in prayer and meditation. They also write letters to their e-pals in partner WPF schools in Wales, The Netherlands and London, nurturing friendship and kindness with their fellow pupils across the globe.