World Peace Flame Enschede, NL

Since 21 March 2012 the World Peace Flame has been burning in the centre of Enschede in the Netherlands! The monument, a copper lamp on a white stone pedestal, is situated in the winter garden of the residential community ‘De Wonne’. The World Peace Flame is clearly visible from the pavement and is accessible to anyone who wants to visit it.

Over a hundred people were present at the beautiful inauguration ceremony. The World Peace Flame was brought from Den Haag by members of the Foundation Wereldvredesvlam Twente, then transferred to the people who lit the World Peace Flame Twente: Savitri MacCuish (World Peace Flame Foundation), Betty Schutten (De Wonne) and Shridath Salikram (representative of the municipality Enschede). Children from the primary school Wielerbaan read their own texts and poems on peace.

The local poet Moes Wagenaar wrote the following:

World Peace Flame Twente*

I had heard so much about her
that I put it to the test
and went to have a look for myself

After ten seconds there was a small breeze
After a minute I couldn’t but cry
(how stupid is that?

In the tiny flame I recognized
the peacefulness, the power, the love
present somewhere inside me)

After ten minutes I thought, yes,
I too want to bring people back
to themselves and each other.

After half an hour I could leave
dry eyes, the flame
just a flame and I was just myself again
even more than when I came.

Moes Wagenaar, city poet Enschede

* Enschede is the name of a Dutch region

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